Alcohol Side effects on Physical Fitness

We need to see what role alcohol plays in our fitness goals. How much damage does it do to our fitness? If we clear alcohol from our diet, can we achieve our fitness goals? Alcohol has ‘empty calories‘ in liquid form. 30 ml of alcohol contains 70 calories. These calories have no minerals, proteins or carbohydrates, they are just empty calories which converts into ‘pure fats’ after entering our bodies. That said when we take food with the drinks, it increases the number of calories intake. Talking about Indian standards, if we take 60 ml shots 3 times, it means 420 calories of pure fats entering our body and the food that is taken with it is an addition of calories to this already large intake.

In our Punjabi culture, alcohol is the major part of every party whether it be family function or simple get together of friends. It is taken by youngsters as well as elders and has become an integral part of our culture. So for a Punjabi, withdrawing from alcohol completely is very difficult or almost impossible. But we have to see for ourselves what is more important for us: Physical fitness or Alcohol? If drinking is very hard for anyone to leave, then one is advised to take alcohol once in 15 days. It is advised to make proper schedule while considering oncoming family parties and functions. But don’t give up your schedule easily if friends call you or if you are just bored and have nothing to do. It is highly advised to shut down your cravings through spending that time on doing some other productive activity. And when you decide to drink then consciously choose snacks to take with the drinks. Don’t take high-calorie foods and if you prefer non-veg then take chicken breast. And completely avoid foods like fried food, sweets, Chinese because these create a very huge intake of calories creating burden on your body which makes 3-4 days of recovery time.

Testosterone is the most important hormone for muscle building. Whenever you take alcohol, testosterone levels decrease significantly.  If you go to the gym anytime after consuming alcohol then you will miss your targets.  When the testosterone levels decrease, the hormonal activities also slow down. This slowing down of hormonal activity will result in low muscle gains for the same efforts which would have given better results if testosterone levels were high.

Alcohol is diuretic and it leads to loss of water. So when we take alcohol and we want to work out, the sweating may result in further loss of water and it can lead to dehydration. So to counter the effects of dehydration, it is advised to drink lots of water. Especially if you have taken alcohol the previous night, you must drink 1 – 1.5 litres of water after waking up. Lemonade can also be taken 2 -3 times a day, it helps recover body quickly. Diet plays a very important role in our physical fitness apart from the workout. So if you drink moderately i.e. once in 15 days then the bad effects of alcohol can be greatly reduced. These tips are given by Abhishek Gagneja, Founder of Ultimate Fitness, best gym in Chandigarh.
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