About Founder

Mr. Abhishek Gagneja

Successful Fitness Entrepreneur

Founder & CEO

Abhishek Gagneja created the renowned chain of Ultimate Fitness Gyms. Being one of the most successful fitness entrepreneurs and purpose-driven leader creates the spirit of inspiration for many fitness events mainly ‘Mr. Ultimate Fitness Physique Competition’. Mr Gagneja is very particular about maintaining an Outstanding Transformation Record and hence makes sure every branch of Ultimate Fitness chain of gyms fulfills the criteria of being amongst the best gyms in tricity; Chandigarh, Mohali & Zirakpur. His extraordinary wisdom to be the forerunner has inspired many people to step in the world of fitness.

Our mentor is always passionate about fitness and has an inspiring approach towards Ultimate Fitness Gyms. His incredible experience contributes to making the Ultimate Fitness Chain the healthiest place in the fitness industry. He has an insightful vision to motivate the community to opt for better health choices and develop a vigorous lifestyle.



Ultimate Fitness Gym is the gym with a difference. We have all the essentials you need for the great workout, equipped with the best cardio and strength resources in the fitness industry. But that’s not what makes us distinct. What exemplifies us is to provide a healthier place to remain fit rather than just going to a gym for an uneven period. Our friendly, professional trainers work with you to give all the smashing experience in your fitness journey. We are committed to providing you not only the great body but also the great mind, rest in the healthy body. Come and experience the difference at UFG.



UFG has undoubtedly carved a niche in the fitness industry. We provide services at a price point accessible to nearly everyone. Our motto is creating the fusion of best fitness training and entertainment – doing any workout with unbeatable energy. Our professional trainers assist you at every step right from setting goals to customizing your workout plans, designed fully around you. We aim to offer one of the best gyms to join in Tricity, and we take pride in achieving the winning brand for weight loss, personal training, team workouts, yoga or bhangra classes, we provide everything that you will ever need. We’re constantly working for a common goal: Helping people to Live a Healthier Lifestyle!


Ultimate Fitness is acknowledged for its unrivaled success in providing the finest gym equipment and fitness knowledge available to help its members achieve their individual goals, whether you want fat loss, muscle gain or overall body toning. We also provide best Yoga Classes, Zumba Classes or Bhangra Classes in Tricity; Chandigarh, Mohali & Zirakpur. We follow a globally proven fitness training module with state-of-the-art infrastructure, delivery methodology and continuous up gradation through training programs.


Body Building

Bodybuilding is just like living a military precision in a civilian lifestyle. For building a body’s muscles, one has to be disciplined and as fit as a seal. It can be achieved through weightlifting exercises, rich nutritional diet, and disciplined gym routine. Regular exercises and nutrient-dense diet go hand in hand that offers ample of health benefits with a great physique.

Personal Training

There’s nothing better than having the workout where the focus is YOU. Personal Training provides your personal certified trainer are motivated in transforming your health and achieving fitness goals. We will develop the workout strategy tailored to your fitness regimen, keeping in view your potentials and accountability for challenging targets, no matter your age or fitness level.

Core Blast Workout

An intense workout that requires no types of equipment, it can be done anywhere all you need is a plain ground. This workout targets your abs, back, and midriff with no rest intervals. It focuses on your core areas, correcting posture, and improves strength. It makes your body robust and more in shape.

Crossfit Training

This workout fits for everyone-whether a beginner or trained for years. It is mainly a mix of aerobics and bodyweight exercises. Here people work out in groups than alone, the combined power results in a synergy that can be very productive. This activity does not require any equipment or added weights. Crossfit exercises – A full pack of Mind-Body benefits.

Weight Management

To stay in the desired shape is one of our fitness goals and unwanted weight is one of the common hurdles. Regular exercises and Planned workout helps in maintaining the required body weight. It is more than just weight loss. It has various amazing benefits on the mind and body. Beside Gym Machines, one of the most popular types of exercises for managing the correct type of body weight is aerobic or cardio exercises, bhangra, Zumba, Kickboxing, Yoga, and Bollywood.

Nutrition Wellness Consultation

There’s always a misconception among some people that eating less would help them to get in shape. But the fact is practising fasting will take you nowhere, instead of eating quality food in required quantity would be fruitful to gain feasible results. Upon your consultation, our nutrition consultants carefully analyzed your body and workout plan, after that they will suggest the best diet plan for your body.